What we offer

  • Between £35-100k for permanent employees: from newbies, to experienced developers, to team leaders who can consult with clients.
  • Workplace Pension
  • Private Medical Insurance and Dental Cover with Bupa
  • Cycle to Work Scheme
  • Nice, inclusive people. We pair-program a lot so we all have to get along well.
  • A team built on trust and transparency, where what you believe is more important than what you know.
  • Interesting and rewarding work, with customers ranging from global brands to software startups.
  • Sustainable engineering practices, which means we don't make people work overtime or burn them out.
  • Work that requires constant learning in a supportive environment.
  • An understanding of family life. The two Dans both have young families, so they know what it's like.
  • A chance to make people better at making computers better.

To find out more, watch Daniel Jones' keynote at CF Summit Frankfurt 2016. This talk summarises the way we see the world and why we're building this company.

The work

We're a small consultancy, and that means that we end up doing lots of different things, depending on what our customers ask for. Not everyone needs to do everything, and we expect people to have different strengths and preferences. The list of all the things we do includes:

  • Pair-programming on-site with clients.
  • Pairing to develop CLIs, webapps and deployable distributed systems that make Cloud Foundry or Kubernetes easier to use.
  • Creating and delivering training.
  • Helping build products or open source projects that contribute to the CF or K8S communities
  • Work from home as and when it makes sense (so not constantly).
  • Evangelising cloud-native development and PaaS usage.


We want to work with people who share our values and fit this description:

  • Positive, able to empathise and sociable, as we pair-program all day by default.
  • Inclusive attitude.
  • Able to show courage in calling out things that need improving.
  • Eager to take responsibility - whilst we mentor via pairing, everyone is empowered and expected to make decisions.
  • Keen to learn constantly - The technologies we work with evolve very quickly, so learning on-the-job is required.
  • Passionate about TDD, BDD and using Continuous Delivery to provide customer value.


We expect less-experienced applicants to have the following technical background:

  • Comfortable working knowledge of the Linux command line.
  • Ability in one of Golang, Ruby or Java, with a desire to learn the others.
  • Experience writing tests in Ginkgo, Rspec, LambdaBehave or any other BDD framework
  • Some appreciation of 12 Factor/Cloud Native applications.
  • Experience of using a Continuous Integration server (Concourse, Jenkins, Bamboo, TeamCity, Travis et al).
  • Rudimentary exposure to/understanding of IaaS/virtualisation/containerisation technologies such as AWS, vSphere, Docker.

For those who have more experience and expect more money, we look for more of the following:

  • Ability to embody best practice and lead by example, either in front of clients or our own teams.
  • Experience of Cloud Foundry, Kubernetes, Bosh or Concourse (CI server).
  • Deep understanding of CAP, the Two General's Problem and distributed computing design challenges.
  • Proficiency in more languages (Golang, Ruby, Java, Bash).
  • Understanding/experience of provisioning tools such as Cloud Formation, Terraform, Chef, Puppet.
  • Ops experience (designing/operating networks, AWS infrastructure).
  • Background of consultancy.

Please contact us if working with EngineerBetter sounds like something you'd be interested in.