The Why, How and What of EngineerBetter

Apr 27, 2016| Dan Young

Why does EngineerBetter exist?

We started this company to make things better for people who build software for a living. This includes both our customers and our employees.

EngineerBetter was founded in the belief that today’s status quo is not good enough for humans. We think there should be less friction in the way we work. We should be more effective and we should learn quicker.

If you are our customer, we ultimately want to help you deliver your core business value more quickly. When we say business value, we are talking about whatever it is your organisation does that makes a difference to your customers.

How does EngineerBetter work?

We aim to make things better by enabling our customers to leverage PaaS, together with a highly effective approach to software development. Through this, we believe we can improve the rate at which our customers can move from ideas, to code, to feedback.

We’ve chosen Cloud Foundry as the vehicle to achieve our goals, because we think it’s the best Enterprise application platform on the planet right now.

What does EngineerBetter do?

We help make Cloud Foundry operable and successful within our customer’s organisation. This includes everything from integrating and extending the platform itself, through to weaving it into the software delivery pipeline and workflow.

We teach software teams how to best ‘fish for themselves’, demonstrating the importance of shared values and enabling teams with the complimentary elements of XP, Lean and Kanban.

Beyond technology, we work with executive leadership, to help them become cognisant of the organisational conditions required for success in their cloud-native initiatives. We help them shape the business context around their platform and the teams that use it, so that they can achieve sustainable and meaningful results.

Where can I find out more?

If it sounds like EngineerBetter shares your values, please get in touch. We’d love to hear from you.

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