Migrating from Concourse-up to Control Tower

Mar 26, 2019| Colin Simmons

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We recently announced that we are replacing Concourse-Up with Control Tower.

If you are currently running a Concourse using Concourse-up you might be wondering how to migrate over to Control Tower.

Under the hood Control Tower is Concourse-up with the name word-replaced and a handful of bugfixes/updates. Unfortunately due to some changes such as bucket name changes, deploying with Control Tower over top of Concourse-up will not work.

We are looking at an automated self-update process to migrate users to Control Tower, but since this is non-trivial and we’re keen to hear feedback from users on how valuable this would be, before we spend a lot of engineering effort on this.

I recently transitioned our own Concourse over at https://ci.engineerbetter.com from Concourse-up to Control Tower using some backup tooling that we wrote. These are the steps I followed.

Step 1 - Know your Concourse

If you don’t have it written down, figure out all the deployment flags you used with Concourse-Up. You’ll want these to create your Control Tower deployment.

Step 2 - Deploy with Control Tower on a different domain

Deploy a new Concourse using Control Tower using the deployment flags used in your Concourse-up deployment with a different domain. For example, for our deployment I ran:

control-tower deploy ebci --region eu-west-2 \
--web-size large \
--domain ci2.engineerbetter.com \
--worker-size 2xlarge

Step 3 - Backup your data from your Concourse-Up deployment

Clone down our backup tooling from https://github.com/EngineerBetter/ct-backup.

From ct-backup run the following to extract all the pipelines, teams, and credhub secrets from your Concourse. Take note of the encryption key in the output as this will be needed to decrypt your Credhub secrets when you import them into Control Tower.

eval "$(concourse-up info --iaas <your-iaas> --env <your-deployment>)"
export ADMIN_PASSWORD=<your-concourse-up-admin-password>
export CONCOURSE_URL=<your-concourse-up-domain> # i.e. https://ci.engineerbetter.com
fly -t <target> execute -c examples/backup.yml -o out=./out

Step 4 - Import your data to your Control Tower deployment

Open a new terminal window (to get a fresh environment) and run the following from ct-backup to import all the pipelines, teams, and credhub secrets to your new Control Tower Concourse.

eval "$(control-tower info --iaas <your-iaas> --env <your-deployment>)"
export ADMIN_PASSWORD=<your-control-tower-admin-password>
export CONCOURSE_URL=<your-control-tower-domain> # i.e. https://ci2.engineerbetter.com
export ENCRYPTION_KEY=<encryption-key-from-previous-step>
fly -t <target> execute -c examples/restore.yml -i backup_source=out --include-ignored

Warning: From this point there will be disruption to anyone using your old Concourse

Step 5 - Record existing pipeline status and pause them

Make a note of the pipelines that are unpaused/exposed in each team

# From ct-backup directory
# Log in to each team and run
fly -t <target> pipelines --json > pipelines-<team>.json

Pause all pipelines in each team on old Concourse

# Log in to each team and run
fly -t <target> pipelines --json | jq -r '.[].name' | xargs -I {} fly -t <target> pp -p {}

Step 6 - Liberate your domain from Concourse-Up

Deploy the old Concourse with a third domain. For example, I ran

concourse-up deploy --iaas aws --region eu-west-2 --domain=https://ci3.engineerbetter.com ebci

This domain swapping is needed because terraform deletes the A record on change even if the record is pointing to a different IP that terraform originally set it to. So if you were to deploy with Control Tower to the same domain as your Concourse-up deployment, it would intially swap the A record over to your new Concourse but then as soon as you delete the Concourse-up deployment it would delete the record for your new Concourse.

Step 7 - Move your Control Tower deployment to the correct domain

Deploy the new Concourse with the original domain. For example, I ran

control-tower deploy --iaas aws --region eu-west-2 --domain=https://ci.engineerbetter.com ebci

Step 8 - Unpause and expose the correct pipelines

From ct-backup run the following to unpause + expose pipelines on the new Concourse to match what the old Concourse was set as

# For each team
fly -t target login
examples/unpause_expose.rb target pipelines.json

At this point your original domain is pointing to the new Concourse and all the teams, pipelines, and Credhub secrets have been moved across. Pipelines have been unpaused and exposed according to what was configured on your old Concourse. All pipelines on your old Concourse have been paused. The ATC password will have changed but password rotation is a good thing right?

Step 9 - Clean up

If you are happy with your new Control Tower deployment, you can use concourse-up one final time to destroy your old Concourse.

To chat with our team and other users about Control Tower, please join our community on Slack Concourse-Up User Slack and share your thoughts!

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