Kubernetes for CF Users Course

Sep 18, 2018| Daniel Jones

We’ll be teaching a Kubernetes for CF Users course at this year’s Cloud Foundry Summit Europe, in collaboration with the fine folks at SUSE.

The course, developed by EngineerBetter, is written for Cloud Foundry users and decision-makers. It explores Kubernetes through the lens of Cloud Foundry, giving students hands-on experience of all the Kubernetes equivalents of common Cloud Foundry tasks. We take students through the differences and commonalities between the two platforms, identifying the use cases to which each is most suited.

Most exciting of all, the course culminates in using Helm to deploy SUSE’s Cloud Foundry distribution onto Kubernetes! If, like me, you’ve been enthused by the potential of running CF atop Kubernetes, then this section of the course will give you a glimpse of the containerised-CF-future that the like of SUSE], IBM and SAP are all driving towards.

Amongst other things, we’ll be covering:

As with all of EngineerBetter’s courses the learning experience is primarily driven through interactive hands-on exercises that students can’t simply copy/paste their way through, with slides used only to introduce concepts and provide talking points for wider issues. No ‘death by PowerPoint’ here!

After the end of each module the instructor will guide the entire class in an interactive recap of what was just learned, drawing a diagram of the Kubernetes components used ‘under-the-hood’. Time and again our customers have told us that this is the feature of our courses that they love the most. The recap sessions ingrain an accurate mental model of the system being taught, and give plenty of opportunity for questions.

It’s clear from a lot of the conversation about Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry that many commentators haven’t had the chance to fully understand each technology. They are not competing platforms, and they don’t have the same goals. By giving Cloud Foundry users first-hand experience of Kubernetes we hope to make the similarities and distinctions between them more clear, informing users and decision-makers alike.

I’ve already written about the great potential of Cloud Foundry to simplify the lives of Kubernetes users, which is one of the reasons we’re excited to show students how easy it is to run SUSE’s Cloud Foundry distribution on Kubernetes. We’ll have folks on-hand from SUSE to help explain all that their distribution has to offer.

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