Sep 14, 2016| Daniel Jones

We’re looking for people to join the EngineerBetter team.

Whilst we’ve given as succinct a write-up as possible on our Join Us page, we decided to write this blog post to give as much background and context as possible.

EngineerBetter is an early-stage start-up. We incorporated in April 2016, and have already gone on to work with global banks, wealth management enterprises, FTSE 100 retailers, telecommunications providers, non-profit organisations, and software vendors. As you can imagine, business is picking up and often we have more work than we can handle - so we’re looking to grow the team.

Because we’re at an early stage our sales pipeline is somewhat ’effervescent’, and so we currently want to work with contractors. Having spent many more years as a permanent employee than as a contractor, I know first-hand that making the switch can be daunting, and thus we’re keen to help people make that transition.

Are you working in a permanent job? Do you yearn to be doing more interesting work, with more flexibility, and to be constantly learning new things? If so, we’d like to talk to you. If you fit the bill of characteristic to fit into the team then we don’t necessarily need Cloud Foundry experience, as long as you’re willing to learn.

Do you already have Cloud Foundry experience? Are you in a position where your knowledge isn’t being exploited, perhaps because of enterprise bureaucracy? Would you like the chance to have more varied work? Again, we’d like to start a conversation with you.

As a small business that hasn’t existed for long, we can’t guarantee what work is on the cards. The chances are that there’ll be a variety of work that needs doing, ranging from consultancy, to pairing with customers, to delivering training. If uncertainty makes you nervous, then we’re probably not at the stage where we can make you comfortable yet. However, if you like a varied workload, then I’m sure we can keep you mentally stimulated.

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