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Mar 25, 2021| Daniel Jones

We’re looking for people to join the EngineerBetter team on the next step of our journey to transform businesses to deliver useful software more quickly. We don’t want to do this for them, we want to do this with them. We are going to change the way that they implement their businesses through technology.

…Useful software…

We need to build out our product management practice, both for our internal teams and to act as consultants and coaches to customers.

There will be technical backlogs to manage, both internally and on customer engagements. This means that we need folks who can ensure that business outcomes and user value are captured as stories, and that the engineering teams have a constant stream of actionable work to do.

Most importantly, we need to help customers figure out what the right thing is to build. Are they identifying desired business outcomes? Is work expressed as user value? Are they in contact with customers? How is work prioritised? Is quality explicitly defined? How does value flow through the organisation?

…More quickly

eXtreme Programming, Lean, Kanban, continuous delivery, cloud native, site reliability engineering… All these things and more combine to provide the fastest way of delivering quality software.

Are you an engineer who has lamented how most companies build software, and wants to change the way the world builds software? Now is your chance. We need folks who are passionate about improvement and have the desire to be engineering consultants.

Transform businesses…

We can make software development go as fast as possible, and this exposes other bottlenecks in the organisation. Are security, compliance, and governance ready for product teams going this fast? How will finance cope with product teams that live forever, instead of projects that start and end? Are people’s targets and bonuses aligned with delivering business value, and that requirements may change? How will programme management track initiatives between product teams?

We need people that understand both the status quo and customer-driven, lean, decision-making. In order to get lean into the heart of the enterprise, we have to help folks on the journey to being more responsive.

Areas we’ll be working in

There are two things at the core of all of this:

These can be applied anywhere that software implements a business. We’re going to continue applying this in the platform space, expand into app modernisation, and the development of greenfield apps that are lighthouses for wider digital transformation.


There are lots of things that we could write about EngineerBetter - how we’re part of the Container Solutions family, how we’ve grown by 50% in recent months, how we’re looking at international expansion, and how we’re combining remote work with an office designed for pair-programming via telepresence. That would make for a very long blog post, and right now we want to focus on people who are excited by the work we’ll be doing, and we can discuss the how we’ll be doing it later.

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We’d love to speak to anyone for whom the above, and our values, resonate. If you’re excited by the above, get in touch via contact@engineerbetter.com and we can have a chat about how we can work together.

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