Hiring Golang Infrastructure Devs

Aug 22, 2019| Daniel Jones

We’re looking for people to join the EngineerBetter team.

Specifically we’re looking to hire for two streams of work, so we have two profiles we’re looking for:

Whilst we’ve got general background info on our Join Us page, this post will give a bit more detail about the streams of work we’re looking at.

As with most of our work, it’ll be based in London with some scope for remote work, and will involve pair-programming around 80% of the time.

“Being an engineer at EB means automating your way through the latest tech in a culture of intrinsic kindness.”

Jess Stenning, Engineer

Whilst in the past we’ve hired for consultancy work that will require some amount of travel and variability of tasks, we’ve got enough lined up that for the first time travel won’t be a requirement.

“EngineerBetter is a diverse consultancy that has brought the best out of me and helped me make a change in the industry.”

Eva Dinckel, Product Manager

Of course, we’ll still be doing consultancy too, so if you do enjoying visiting European cities during the working week, we can definitely provide that experience! And you could switch between these. One of the benefits of a small company is we can shape roles to individuals’ needs, and try to match you up with the work you most enjoy.

There’s also the possibility looming of delivering more training. We’re passionate that instructors should be practitioners, so if you’re interested in doing more than just engineering, we should have some work for you.

“I love working at EB. It has the culture of Google, Pivotal and Thoughtworks in a friendly, little consultancy where I get to work with the latest cloud and automation technologies.”

Will Gant, Engineer

Golang/Google Cloud work

Are you a Golang developer? Do you like Terraforming things in Google Cloud? Heck, do you like automating all the things?

Platform Automation work

Do you already have Cloud Foundry experience? Are you in a position where your knowledge isn’t being exploited, perhaps because of enterprise bureaucracy? Would you like the chance to have more varied work? Again, we’d like to start a conversation with you.

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If those sound of interest, get in touch via contact@engineerbetter.com.

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