EngineerBetter are Kubernetes Certified Service Providers

Jun 12, 2020| Daniel Jones

I’m pleased to announce that EngineerBetter are now members of the Cloud Native Computing Foundation, and are Kubernetes Certified Service Providers. Combined with our partnerships with Google Cloud, IBM, (the company formerly known as) Pivotal, SUSE and VMware, this means we’re in a great position to help organisations be productive on Kubernetes, regardless of where they choose to use it. The message is simple - if you want to be more productive in the cloud, EngineerBetter can help.

Improving Productivity on Kubernetes

EngineerBetter is a consultancy about outcomes over technology. Whilst we’ve helped people with technical implementations of Kubernetes, and have long assisted folks with Cloud Foundry, our over-riding motivation is to help organisations achieve better outcomes and to become more productive - a topic I’ve spoken at KubeCon about.

Whether you’ve built your own platform on Kubernetes, are adopting Cloud Foundry on Kubernetes, or are trying awesome tools like DevSpace, we can deliver implementations whilst upskilling your teams.

To paraphrase Dan Kohn, who was Executive Director of the CNCF when we were welcomed as new members: “the CNCF has lots of members, but not many who are focused on going up the value stack like EngineerBetter.”

Because we understand cloud native technologies and methodologies deeply, we can help in a way that few others can.

We’re excited to be able to help Kubernetes users and operators with:

We look forward to helping Kubernetes users make sense of the bewildering array of components in front of them, and really move the needle on digital transformation.

…and we haven’t even talked about all the cool stuff we can do with Concourse and Control Tower on Kubernetes!

Kubernetes and the Future of Cloud Foundry

EngineerBetter are long-standing members of the Cloud Foundry Foundation, and will continue to be. Cloud Foundry is destined to be the ’easy mode’ for getting apps into production on Kubernetes. For years I have been advocating that Cloud Foundry and Kubernetes are a positive-sum combination, and not a mutually-exclusive choice.

Efforts like KubeCF and CF4K8s will bring the ‘out of the box’ experience of Cloud Foundry to the masses, and EngineerBetter will be there to support them along the way.

Because we have a thorough and unbiased understanding of both Kubernetes and Cloud Foundry, EngineerBetter has been able to:

As Cloud Foundry users are ready to make the switch to Kubernetes, we are ready and prepared to help them on the journey.

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