EngineerBetter become Hazelcast Partners

Sep 20, 2016| Daniel Jones

EngineerBetter is now a systems integration partner of Hazelcast, Inc., specialising in helping people leverage the Hazelcast in-memory data-grid alongside their Cloud Foundry deployments.

We’re the only Hazelcast SI partner who are also Cloud Foundry Foundation members, making EngineerBetter the go-to consultancy for integrating the two technologies

We’ve been working with the fine folks at Hazelcast, helping them build a roadmap for a first-class Cloud Foundry integration. Hazelcast themselves have also recently joined the Cloud Foundry Foundation, demonstrating their commitment to the platform.

By exploiting the latest features of Bosh, and the Cloud Foundry service broker API, the possibilities are truly transformative: being able to deploy Hazelcast clusters on-demand, on dedicated VMs, that can be scaled in and out, up and down, with zero downtime. Because it’s all deployed with Bosh these clusters are super-resilient, auto-healing in the event of unhealthy processes or unhealthy VMs.

Working with Hazelcast has been a pleasure, not least of all as they understand the value of the capabilities of the Cloud Foundry platform, and are aiming to deliver a solution that fully exploits them. The solution that Hazelcast are working on is how all Cloud Foundry services should work.

If you’re looking for assistance integrating Hazelcast IMDG with Cloud Foundry, or integrating data services with Cloud Foundry and Pivotal Cloud Foundry, we’d love to help.

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