EngineerBetter Join the Cloud Foundry Foundation

Sep 15, 2016| Dan Young

We’re very pleased to announce that EngineerBetter Ltd is now a silver member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation.

EngineerBetter is the only UK-native consultancy that is a member of the Cloud Foundry Foundation. We’re also independent, with no vested interest in selling you one distribution or another.

We believe that Platform-as-a-Service is key to enabling faster delivery of business value. Cloud Foundry offers the most mature and flexible PaaS that your business can run on-premises or in the public cloud, and leveraging the vast engineering effort that has gone into Cloud Foundry saves adopters from having to reinvent the wheel with their own hand-crafted PaaS.

The Cloud Foundry Foundation’s governance model, with over 60 members in the foundation, is one of the unique strengths of Cloud Foundry. Since the Foundation holds 501(C)(6) status as a trade organisation, it is legally impossible for the source code assets to ever be transferred to any individual company, reducing the risk of evil things happening to the project. The Cloud Foundry Foundation is headed by Sam Ramji, and his vision of a collaborative and respectful ecosystem is embodied by the awesome team that he has assembled. It’s for these reasons that we’re proud to be a part of the Foundation and to help promote its values.

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