Concourse-Up Manifest for beginners

Aug 31, 2018| Eva Dinckel

Concourse-Up was born in May 2017 and is a project that keeps on being nurtured by our team. We’re proud to make a difference to our users working on a tool that makes their lives easier, because life is too short for worrying about your Concourse deployments!

To understand Concourse-Up, it is important to acknowledge the value of the Concourse-Up manifest, which is how we describe the exact combination of components that Concourse-Up deploys. This manifest used to be bundled as part of the tool, but we recently decoupled it and now maintain it as an independently deployable unit.

To make Concourse-Up as easy as possible to use, we’ve built a lot of opinions and default settings into the manifest. This post will attempt to explain what the Concourse-Up manifest is (and how we create it) in simple terms.

Using the metaphor of a set menu in a restaurant might help comprehend the flow of activity in our Concourse-Up Manifest pipeline. So here is the story:

The value of continuously building the Concourse-Up manifest is to always have the ‘freshest’ version of our menu available (releases always at their latest version to prove the compatibility of these components).

We believe these recipes (or releases), work best when combined altogether to create our fantastic menu. But to make sure we have the best menu, our recipes need to be tested as combined altogether for a harmonious result.

And that is the magic of the Concourse-Up Manifest pipeline!

Well, all of this made me hungry! 😋 I hope the sketches will help (made with love, not with talent).

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