Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin

Oct 31, 2015| Daniel Jones

I’m talking at Cloud Foundry Summit Berlin 2015 - please do feel free to stop me for a chat!

I’m giving a presentation called The Seven Stages Of Bosh, along with my good pal Chris Hedley, CloudCredo’s Director of Engineering.

If you are considering using Bosh for the first time, adopting Bosh in a team, or are a veteran Bosh user wondering if everyone else endured the same pain and suffering, then this talk is for you. Over the years Chris and I have seen about 40 developers go on the same journey that we once did - going from being pure app developers to being full-on Bosh users. It’s not an easy journey, so we wanted to ‘give back’ and help those facing the same obstacles.

Aside from our talk I’m really keen to talk to anyone using multiple Cloud Foundry instances, or trying to effect its adoption in an enterprise. I’m also keen to waffle about declaratively configuring a Cloud Foundry (orgs, spaces, services) and separating the Cloud Controller’s responsibilities - for example by separating out service management to a separate, err, service.

The Santa Clara CF Summit was a blast, and I’m sure this one will be too.

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